Osho RajneeshA Rare Flowering of Enlightenment

Among the saints, sages and saviors of the world Osho Rajneesh has emerged as one of the most magnetic , magical and majestic Awakened Beings. The dust of controversies, which is bound to be raised with the appearance of every Enlightened one, is now settling down and Osho's life and accomplishment are blazing forth like the sun, tearing away the bank of dark clouds of doubts and delusions surrounding in the minds of the people. Osho's life is a wonderful saga of amazing ventures and adventures of the outer and the inner world. As the facts of his life are unfolding themselves and are getting arrange into a grand and glorious pattern. He stands towering as a Spiritual Colossus.

Born on December 11, 1931 in a small village Kuchwara in Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh which had a population of less than a hundred people, the village is only a few miles away from Karondi, the geocentric point of India. Thus in a way Osho symbolizes the point of convergence of all streams of philosophy, religious insights which have been prevalent in India.

This village boy who went to school at a comparatively, late age of nine, blossomed later into not only one of the profoundest thinkers and philosophers of the world but also into one of the greatest spiritual geniuses of all time – A Mahasatva. A Mahasatva or a Savior is one who provides guidance to a large number of people during his life time but also keeps giving guidance to those who hold the contact key even after he has shuffled off the mortal coils & is not present in physical form. There are quite a large number of people who in some very clear form, are getting spiritual instructions & guidance from Osho from his realm divine.

Right from his early years Osho had been employing ways & means to identify himself from his body & mind by swimming for long hours in the Sakhar River which flows by his village Kuchwara. He used to jump into the swollen river from perilous heights watching his mind getting stilled & silenced during the fall. He used to run backwards in the early hours of the morning when the village roads were deserted, but in all these strange & weird activities he remained a witness to his physical and mental activities. He found that if you remain alert, awake and a watcher, going beyond judgmental points, without any commentary from your side, the mind is silenced & drops. In that silence the watcher & the body appear separate and if you deepen this experience your gross and subtle bodies get split and dichotomized. That momentous point is the beginning of the right understanding of religion and all that it stands for. At this point you realize suddenly that you are bipolar - your physical form is your outer polarity whereas your consciousness or awareness is your inner polarity.

Osho had been doing all these practices with uncompromising zeal & devotion. One day when Osho was meditating on a make-shift seat made on the branch of a tree at Sagar, Madhya Pradesha place where his university was located, his gross body fell from that higher branch on the road below. His subtle body was still joined to the gross body from navel to navel with a silvery electric like chord. With this came the understanding that the gross body without the subtle body is dysfunctional & almost dead and the subtle body within the gross body is only a phantom. Then these experiences recurred a number of times in the next few months confirming its genuineness & reality & assured him that the phenomena is not illusion.

Then in 1953, on the 21st of March, on the day of Equinox, when the night & day are of equal duration, Osho reached enlightenment in the Bhanwartal Park, now known as Nehru Gardens in Jabalpur, under a Maulshree tree. On this day the individual witness disappeared into the universe- the drop has slipped into the ocean. He had finally experienced Samadhi – the state of super consciousness.

Thereafter swells up the feeling of compassion to guide the people on the path. Osho thus embarked upon this greatest discourse & discussion program in human history. He has s poken 35 million words to elucidate and elaborate different meditation techniques & different religion of the world- Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Jewishism, Christianity, Taoism, Tantra, Zen, Zarotrianism, Hassidism, Islam, Supirism, Sikhism and also on the most of the enlightened ones of humanity. His spoken words without any editing, amendment and improvement according to his strict instructions have been collected into 650 books. And all these divine outpourings gathered through his audio and video recording constitute a world record and cover the whole spectrum of religious experience.

Osho Says, "After me nothing can be added to the religion experience. I have spoken both, in so great depth and breadth that it contains and covers all". He had answered 20,000 questions which cover full range of questions that the seekers may probably ask about life & meditation. Many of his sanyasins & lovers have journeyed through these spiritual realms, like a sparrow riding on the back of a flying golden eagle and swung past those high points reached only in meditation. But these are a few others who have dived into themselves beyond the noise and babble of the mind into the regions of supernal calm, where the hidden harmony of Anahad Nad – the soundless sound keeps resounding within endlessly.

Although Osho has spoken so extensively & deeply on all aspects of religion, his message is brief but eternal. He says – "Be still and know that you are divine." He loves to quote the Zen Master Bokuju a number of times in his discourses: "sitting silently, doing nothing, the spring comes & the grass grows by itself."

He says that all the asceticism and renunciation are not needed at all to know your true nature. He further says," My Sanyasins have to be scientists, poets & mystics- all these three rolled into one. This three- dimensional attitude emphasizes out attitude towards our body, mind and our being to give birth to the New Man whom he loves to call as Zorba the Buddha – the one who is equally at home in the affairs of the world and also knows the art & knack of creeping into a state of content-less consciousness". This would make him a truly balanced being that is comfortable outside and calm & blissful inside.

It is really mind-boggling to know that all this monumental work he could accomplish during a comparatively short life span of only 58 years in which 28 years were of massive preparations and 30 years of marathon work of awakening the people from their deep slumbers. Another significant aspect of Osho's life, which might astound and amaze the book lovers for centuries to come is that he had read 1, 50,000 books in less than forty years. This again is an all- time record! He read these many books belonging to modern, medieval & ancient times to establish a deep synchronicity with his listeners who belonged to different corners of the world, to different strata of society & to different religious followings. He read books with such a deep vision that the contents were at his beck & he could easily recall facts, stories, poems, imageries, similes, metaphors, jokes & studded them like gems and jewels enhancing the total beauty and thought content of his discourses. His words knew suitable and appropriate like iridescent pigeons would swoop down at his bidding to eat the grain of meaning from his hands.

Osho is a marvel of Nature, a miracle of existence & yet he keeps saying to us all to realize our true self which is neither an iota less nor a whit more than his own self. He says,"Go in and manifest the divinity in you which is not only grand and glorious but also eternal and illimitable."